Our Mission

To equip Kingdom female entrepreneurs with the tools & resources needed to become the entrepreneur that God designed them to be, build the business He designed them for, Fulfill their entrepreneurial destiny and release heaven's Kingdom realm through entrepreneurship.

Our story

Hello there, my name is Kimberly Woods and I'm the founder and CEO of The Kingdom Female Entrepreneur.

The dream of providing female entrepreneurs with training and resources came from my own experience of being a woman in business and ministry and feeling like I didn't have everything I needed to see my dreams fully realized. It pained me to experience limits to doing what I loved and hearing from other women who felt the same. I knew there was more and felt the need to help women be developed and resourced fully.

In 2016 God gave me vision for the solution and told me in a dream to give women like you the resources they needed to do what they loved. 

At the end of 2017, God connected me with Jenna Shriver and we realized that we had like minded vision. We began building together and Oh freebird fly launched with it's first workshop for Kingdom female dreamers and entrepreneurs. 

After a few shifts since 2020 and a refined focus, we are now The Kingdom Female Entrepreneur. It is a joy to provide you with a trusted place for development, support and connection so you can become the entrepreneur that God designed you to be, build the business He designed you for, fulfill your entrepreneurial destiny and release heaven's Kingdom realm through your business.

Welcome to The Kingdom Female Entrepreneur! 

Meet the team

Kimberly Woods



Kimberly is a visionary leader and builder. She is the founder and CEO of The Kingdom Female Entrepreneur and specializes in helping female entrepreneurs unlock, build and launch their business dreams with God's wisdom, strategy and empowerment.   

Kimberly has 17 years of business experience and 7 years of ministry leadership experience. She has built and launched four businesses including a national franchise and has helped build and lead several ministries within the local church. Her background in franchising and ministry has shaped her to be an advocate for female entrepreneurs in learning how to build a business with God.

 Kimberly lives in Florida with her husband of 26 years. They have two sons, two daughters-in-law and two sweet grandsons.

 Kimberly believes in building for legacy and bringing heaven to earth through entrepreneurship.

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Jenna Shriver

Community Mentor


Jenna is a community minded leader and creative entrepreneur. She is the community mentor for The Kingdom Female Entrepreneur and founder of Jenna Shriver brand photography. Jenna has 16 years of business experience and specializes in business mentoring, branding photography and strategy, and cultivating community for creative business owners. 

Jenna lives in Maryland with her husband of 10 years, two sons and daughter. 

Her heart is to build safe community and collaboration among kingdom entrepreneurs so that creativity can flow from heaven to earth.

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Contact us

Email questions to support@thekingdomfemaleentrepreneur.com