With Kimberly Woods

Receive clarity, wisdom and strategy for your business dreams.


Prophetic Strategy Session

Are you stuck on a decision or challenge in your business and unable to move forward?

Do you have lots of business ideas and need help sorting and identifying which ones fit your business dream and the timing? 

If your answer is yes to one of those questions then a prophetic strategy session with Kimberly may be a great solution for you.

During your prophetic strategy session we will: 

  • Partner with God's wisdom, insight and strategy to get you unstuck and moving forward with your business dream.
  • We will create a next steps plan to keep you moving forward.

Prophetic Strategy Session


Session inlcudes:

  • 1/45 min strategy session
  • PDF next steps plan
  • Session recording

Quarterly Prophetic Business Audit

Do you have an existing business that you would like ongoing support for oversight, wisdom, insight and strategy to move your business forward in the direction, timing and way that God designed it to?

If your answer is yes then a quarterly prophetic business audit with Kimberly may be a great solution for you.

Your quarterly prophetic business audits will include:

  1. Oversight
    •  We will partner with God on the overall mission and vision of your business and make adjustments as needed. 
  2. Wisdom
    •  I will bring wisdom to any decisions or challenges you have in your business.
  3. Insight
    •  We will sort through and identify God’s timing and direction on new and existing ideas.
  4. Strategy
    •  I will bring strategy to help you move your business vision forward.

Quarterly Prophetic Business Audit


Per Quarter

  • 2 1hr sessions per quarter
  • PDF Business Blueprint
  • Session recording



"A no-brainer investment for your business. Kimberly partners with the Holy Spirit for wisdom, strategy, and direction for your business or business dreams. If you want to build from a strong foundation or bring stability to your current business from as equally solid biblical and business foundation then working with Kimberly Woods will be a decision you will never regret. My businesses are where they are today because of her influence, wisdom, prophetic strategy and hope-filled encouragement."


"I’ve had several coaching sessions with Kimberly. I had so many ideas and dreams that I knew I was supposed to do that only led to confusion, and discouragement because I didn't know how to move forward and in the right order, the how, and the timing but she did! 

Kimberly is extremely wise and prophetic. She listened to all I had to say, what my dreams were and she was able to bring wisdom, prophetic insight and foresight into all of it. She recognized and suggested steps and the timing that I needed. By the time my session was done, I felt encouraged, confident, focused and able to move forward with my dreams!"


"I have been known to immediately follow any and all ideas that come to my mind, not giving enough time to cultivate a plan or to check to make sure there's peace in the process. Kimberly has really helped me learn how to ask God for clarity in my dreaming and with that, I've learned He will show me how it should look, when it should be done, and all the details in between."


Kimberly is a visionary leader and builder. She is the founder and CEO of The Kingdom Female Entrepreneur and specializes in helping female entrepreneurs unlock, build and launch their business dreams with God's wisdom, strategy and empowerment.   
Kimberly has 17 years of business experience and 7 years of ministry leadership experience. She has built and launched four businesses including a national franchise and has helped build and lead several ministries within the local church. Her background in franchising and ministry has shaped her to be an advocate for female entrepreneurs in learning how to build a business with God. She brings a prophetic and apostolic edge to her coaching by connecting with God's insight, wisdom and strategy for her clients. 
Kimberly lives in Florida with her husband of 27 years. They have two sons, two daughters-in-law and two sweet grandsons.
 Kimberly believes in building for legacy and bringing heaven to earth through entrepreneurship.